Porsche Diagnostics

Car Tech Porsche have dealer level diagnostics for your vehicle and with fully trained technicians we understand the complexities of Porsche vehicles.

What is a vehicle diagnostic?

A diagnostic is carried out using an intelligent piece of technology that communicates with your car’s computer to determine if there is a fault. The technology directs the technician to an area or areas that may be at fault with your car.

The diagnostic equipment does not fix these problems – that would be a job for our experienced technicians. However, it does help them to determine what is wrong with your Porsche. It’s also of benefit because the technicians will not need to take the engine apart unnecessarily or swap components to find a problem, resulting in more cost effective repairs.

What would happen following a diagnostic?

The diagnostic may pinpoint to a single fault that can be immediately rectified by our technicians.

However, cars do pick up minor faults whereby your warning lights momentarily light and then switch off again, but the car still registers these. Our technicians would need to clear the car’s computer memory and may ask you to run the car for a length of time. Any faults picked up after this time would indicate a specific problem which the technician can then rectify. In this case, we will not charge you for the second diagnostic.


Porsche Inspections

We can carry out pre and post purchase inspections to help give you piece of mind when buying a used Porsche.  We can advise you before purchase and our opinion is unbiased and based on 30 years of Porsche experience.

The inspection comprises of a thorough vehicle health check, ECU diagnostic check and driving test (if permitted).  Tests can be taken off-site but please call us on 01429 863866 for further information.

Our inspections include assessment of:-

  • Paintwork and trim
  • Underbody and suspension
  • Wheels and tyres
  • Operation of brakes and brake disc/pad condition, including associated pipework
  • The engine and transmission condition
  • The interior and luggage compartment
  • Operation of electrical equipment
  • Driving behaviour (conditional on seller’s permission).

Please contact us for a quote on 01429 863 666.