Porsche Performance Upgrades

How does an ECU Upgrade work?

We offer Porsche ECU upgrades using the latest technology that is regularly updated. This allows us to safely enhance your vehicle without interfering with the other control systems in the car.

Re-mapping or performance upgrades and tuning means that the standard software is modified, especially the parameters relating to power, torque, and fuel economy. In order to increase the power-output of Porsche engines, it is important to change the amount of fuelling, ignition timing, and turbo boost on turbocharged engines. By adjusting these parameters, the engine will have achieved the most efficient combustion required for power and economy.

What will happen when I bring my Porsche into Car-Tech for a performance upgrade?

You will need to bring your car in for half a day on average. We read the information from the chip in your ECU. The chip is then re-mapped to adjust various parameters relating to Porsche performance and economy, checks are carried out and then programmed into the ECU, the car is then test driven to finalise the upgrade.

What outputs can I expect from an Porsche Performance upgrade?

With an ECU upgrade we can program a well balanced combination of fuel, modified ignition-timing, and where applicable raised turbo boost into the standard-software, an increase in power-output of up to 25-30% can be achieved, combined with a smoke-free vehicle and improved fuel economy of up to 10%.

Please note that your vehicle will need to be equipped with an electronic engine management system in order to take advantage of an ECU upgrade.


Turbo Upgrades – up 1000 horsepower

So, this is where you’re looking to turn your Porsche into one of the fastest car’s on the road?!  Our engineers determine the necessary upgrades to safely produce up to 1000 horsepower.